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I went ahead and just decided to post this since I had finished it already. I'm sure there's translations out there for it though lol
Enjoy~! I really enjoyed the colors of the music video and I thought the lyrics were extremely cute x)

I'm gonna love you more for sure♥Collapse )

A look at Japan's "Rabbit Island"

Originally posted by traxan at A look at Japan's "Rabbit Island"

We all know about the Cat Island, but they have one overrun by rabbits, too. Paging Elmer Fudd...

Hundreds Of Rabbits Attack A Girl In Japan. This Is Hilarious… Although A Little Frightening.

There’s a tiny island in Japan that is so full of cuteness, if I saw it in person I wouldn’t be able to handle it. It’s known as Rabbit Island, and that is because it’s literally full of nothing but rabbits. (Surprise!) Rabbit Island, a.k.a., Okunoshima, was used as the secret base for the Japanese Imperial Army’s lethal gas operation during World War Two. You wouldn’t even guess it now, though, because the only reason people know this island is for the bunnies.

Lots and lots of bunnies.

And judging by the video below, the rabbits really like it when tourists visit to feed and pet them. After all, who doesn’t like to be fed treats and cuddled? Experiencing an adorable rabbit stampede is something I need to do before I die.

Why go to a tropical island paradise when you could go to one of the cutest islands on earth, filled with lovable new friends? Share this, maybe you’ll find someone to take the trip with you.

Hi there~! I hope you're all enjoying the final moments of the weekend or the beginning of the week :3 I had work all weekend so I had nothing to enjoy....but I made it back to JUMP once I got home *A*
So here's a lyric translation :D I will finish up the remaining half of "Ai no Arika" as well!^^
Enjoy BEST's new song, "Sugiru Setsuna" or "Overflowing Pain"
As always, BEST's songs are my favorite lol
P.S/ I was having some tricky problems with the word "Setsuna" so if anyone would like to share their input on what you think it means, feel free to do so! I think it can vary!

"Come back to me..."Collapse )
The boys talk about what they'd wanna hear for a confession on valentines day *A* It's cute lol some left my heart feeling quite troubled lol all were just cute♥


"Think of it as me, and eat it<3"Collapse )
JUMP members get asked about their every day lives x)


Wink Up, January 2014 Real Way of Life Survey
[What in the world do the idols we care for do in their everyday lives?! This month we asked the JUMP members about how they spend their free days. Try imagining it while reading it~]

"I don't clean...(laughs)"Collapse )

Ride With Me :) :) :)

my heart is so happy to have watched their performance.
Long time no post T^T I got a week long break off from school and work so I'm free to translate♥
Ahhhhh I've missed this lol Chinen is up today and i'm hoping to finish Hikaru's part soon ~


Chinen Yuri
[If I fall in love with it, that’s it! I’ll take care of it for a long time]

The bonds we share....Collapse )


i'd be willing to wait forever for the subs of Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyoya E Youkoso. ;___; hehe.
Originally posted by kodochalover at Popolo, October 2013 Message to My 30-year old Self Translation
Popolo had an interesting corner in which the boys wrote a message to their future 30 year old selves xD See what they wrote and what they expect of themselves in the coming future~


Potato, October 2013
Hey!Say!JUMP & Sexy Zone & Nakayama Yuma
[Idol Theme Park Monthly Theme-A Message to your 30 year old self]

"Are you married yet?"Collapse )

chinen, you're funny. =))

because I AM SO HAPPY

It's confirmed that Chinen will join his senpai Ryo Nishikido to star in a new Fuji TV autumn 2013 drama titled "Yorozu Uranai Dokoro Onmyouya e Youkoso" that will air every Tuesday at 10:00 pm starting in October. The drama is based on the Onmyouya novel series by Amano Shouko where Nishikido plays a trickster / fake fortune teller Abeno Shoumei who claims to be able to tell people's fortunes at a shop located in Hachioji, Tokyo.


[credits to the person who posted about this on Facebook]

i'm so happy i looked like a clapping retarded seal after i knew about this!


it doesn't really matter if it's a major or minor role. as long as he would be there it'll be great!